Well, I guess – since you are here, it’s because you’re hunting tips og tricks to optimize your commander EDH decks, right? You might wanna optimize a specific EDH commander or you wanna look at stables suited for this mtg format.



Which are the best EDH commanders

You can look only at the decks that is winning the big tournaments and then copy those. But what’s fun about that? If you instead look at the fun factor, you can have fun playing a commander yourself, but also playing againt other commanders. Sharuum the hegemon has been voted for being both the funnies card to play with and play against.

You have to find your own playing style. What do you think is most satisfying when playing/winning. Do you wanna blast out with an aggressive style? Control the board and be more defensive? Or do you wanna try to sneak out some poison combos, that will caught your opponents by surprice?

But you also have to consider who you wanna play against. Do you wanna build decks for tournaments, casual, beginner, or something in between.

Worth knowing, when playing EDH Commanders

Aboshan, Cephalid EmperorAdamaro, First To DesireAdeliz, The Cinder WindAdmiral Beckett BrassAdriana, Captain Of The GuardAdun OakenshieldAgrus Kos, Wojek VeteranAkiri, Line-SlingerAkroma, Angel Of FuryAkroma, Angel Of WrathAkuta, Born Of AshAlesha, Who Smiles At DeathAlexi, Zephyr MageAlhammarret, High ArbiterAmbassador Laquatus