The Top Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor EDH MTG deck

Which strategy type should you go with for Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

Before you practice, you should study. Understan the meta strategies and you will get a skillful advance. Do you like control, combo pieces or do you want to set the pace with a high tempo creature pressure, which will drive your opponents to quit Balance your deck out and place your tactics in the mid zone. The diamond zone from control decks & combo decks are the master of EDH. But there are also alternative strong strategies in other dimension, like allroundability which is very important when not playing one-one. Ifyou are brewing a Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor deck, you must focus on a deck synergy. It does not mean that you can’t have subthemes. But be careful not to dilute your primary strategy. Sub strategies can in best case work isolated, but also as support for your primary strategy. This will take time to learn.

This are the cards for Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor, which are core

For every colour, there are magic cards, that are so potent, that all decks should have them – regardless which commander you are playing with. Traditionally green has manacards, blue has counter spell, carddraw or bounce. Red has some useful combo pieces and black got tutors. Lastly white has board wipes and tokens. This list was only to mention a fewcards. You also need some critical artifacts, like Lightning greaves. If you consistently select these cards – all your commander decks will be similar and get pretty uninteresting. So except if you’re playing only to win – you should blend your game up every now and then and test other cards. When dealing with new cards you should obviously look at CMC. Your manavurce I EDH, is not crucial as in type1 or vintage, but you have to have early board control or defence. If you don’t consider synergy to your commander, you should analyse on two things, when selecting cards. 1. The upper outcome and 2. the minimum effect.

1. Specific cards has high effect potential, like destroy every permanents and draw a card for each creature that died this way. Other cards like a counter spell got a obvious low maximum effect.

2. Then there is the undermost effect. A board wipe has a minimum effect of nul – because there might not be any creatures on the board when the spell is being played. Other cards for example direct damage are more secure to play and takes effect directly, which raises the minimum effect. Go for a card, that performs both ways if you can. It is super plan to have a good blend of cards with both assets, but even better to find cards, that performs in both ways in some degrees.

How dedicated should you go for a combo win

It is fun to win. But the feeling will be replaced with sourness, if your fellow players disrespect your win condition. Some combo kills are more good-natured than others. Here are some tips about which combos to avoid:

• Avoid playing two card infinite combos, that will create immediately win.

• Avoid making mass land destruction – without being able to kill within 3-4 turns.

• Avoid blind-eye focus on the same combo – it’s boring

• Do not use a ton of tutors to search for the same combo pieces game after game

• Avoid using mass draw, card search and board control to cause a long and slow victory.

Nobody like to wait for long turns. Nevertheless you have tomust choose how aggressive you wanna play. There is a small difference among fun and competitive magic. Private playgroups are often more casual. Arranged magic clubs are in semi competitive. Lastly the elite contests, arranged by companies or magic webshops, are the most competitive, where the casual element is absent.

Greatest mana acceleration cards for Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

Land acceleration is important when playing tempo as well as preparing for X-cards. If you don’t draw a land acceleration card within the first 4 draw steps, you will lose momentum to your competants – specially if you are third in turn order. You should mix land acceleration cards in the range from CMC 2 to CMC-four. The best mana ramp cards can fetch for non-basic land cards and put them in to the battlefield tapped or untapped. This will bend the manacurve and let you play big cards earlier. Lands put directly into the battlefield is more secure methop to ramping, instead of using mana rocks or other mana utilities – thus that lands are harder to kill. When you are playing green it is easy to find great ramp cards. If you aren’t playing green, you need to look for non green cards.

Which MTG cards does the top players recommends

When you examine the decks from world tour you will see that commander is not the most typical format in the world cup. But here on the website we have summed up all the greatest magic cards within a diverse cost range. You maybe don’t wanna focus alone on the top cards, but also on the funny cards, alternative suggestions, bizarre alternatives, and suggestions from the best deck builders in the world tour.

Do you want to play to win low budget or casual

Competition level will be a pricy thing. Casual gaming can be a too casual and you maybe wanna increase your win-rate. A low budget deck is nice, but you can get too cheap and you will miss good cards in the mid-range and top-range. You need to get a level that is suitable to your style and money range.

Alternative magic cards to Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

Magic the Gathering is a strategic cardgame – especially when playing Emperor. Even if you got the best general for your EDH-deck. You might wanna change it from time to time to enhance your gameplay.