Leading Riku of Two Reflections deck

Which type of strategy should I go with for Riku of Two Reflections

Before you build, you should study. Study the mid games and you get a tactical advance. Do you like control, combo out or do you want to speed the game with a fast paced creature push, which will make your opponent to quit Balance things and place your tactics in the middle. The golden spot from control and combo decks are the winner of EDH. That said there are also other great strategies in other directions, like resistant which is very critical when you are not playing 1-on-1. Ifyou are making a Riku of Two Reflections deck, you need to depend on 1 synergy. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have side themes. But beware not to diffuse your main strategy. Sub strategies can in best case work isolated, but also as support for your primary strategy. This will take time to learn.

This are the stax for Riku of Two Reflections, that you don’t wanna miss

For every color, there are magic cards, that are so potent, that all Commander decks should have them – regardless which commander you are playing with. Traditionally green has land ramp, blue has counter spell, carddraw or mass bounce. Red has some useful combo cards and black got tutors. Lastly white has board wipes and tokens. This was only to mention a few of them. You will also need some classic artifacts, like Mana vault. If you always select these cards – all your commander decks will be the same and get very boring. So unless your are playing only to win – you should blend things up every now and then and test other cards. When looking for new cards you should naturally concentrate on CMC. Your mana-curve I EDH, is not important as in modern or vintage, but you got to have early control or protection. If we do not consider synergy to your commander, you should consider on two angles, when selecting cards. 1. The upper effect and 2. the undermost effect.

1. Specific cards has big effect potential, like remove all permanents and withdraw a card for each creature that where removed this way. Other cards like a direct damage got a obvious small upper level effect.

2. Then there’s also the undermost effect. A boardwipe has a minimum effect of 0 – thus there might not be any creatures on the table when it is being played. Other cards like spot removal are more safe to cast and works promptly, which increases the minimum effect. Go for a card, that performs both directions if you can. It’s good plan to have a diverce blend of cards with the two assets, and even better to find cards, that works in both ways in some degrees.

How strongly should you go for a win con from combos

It is funny to win. But the winning feeling will be filled with sourness, if your opponents don’t like your type of winning. Some combos are more symphatic than others. Here are some piece of advice about which combo wins to avoid:

• Stop playing two cards infinite combos, which creates instant win.

• Don’t play mass mana removal – unless you’re able to kill within few turns.

• Avoid overuse the same combo – it’s monotonous

• Don’t use a ton of tutor cards to find the same combo pieces game after game

• Avoid using repeatable draw, card search and board control that results a long and slowly win.

Nobody like to wait for everlasting turns. When that’s said you have tomust decide how ambitious you want to play. There is a thin line between casual and competitive magic. Independent play groups are usually more focused on fun. Arranged magic communities are in semi competitive. Lastly the competitive contests, organized by companies or shops, are the most competitive, where the fun level is absent.

Best mana ramp cards for Riku of Two Reflections

Mana acceleration is crucial for playing aggressive and also when preparing for late game cards. If you don’t hit a mana ramp card within the first four upkepps, you are losing strength to your enemies – especially if you are second in turn order. You should spread land acceleration cards going from CMC two – CMC-four. The best mana acceleration cards can search for all land cards and put those in to play tapped or untapped. This will break the mana curve and let you drop big bombs earlier. Lands on the battlefield is much more secure methop to ramping, instead of using mana stone or similar mana utilities – thus that lands are harder to exile. If you are green it’s easy to get great ramp cards. If you do not play green, you need to look for alternative mana ramp.

Which cards does the top players suggests

When you examine the decks from WOFTC tour you will see that EDH is not a typical game in the WOFTC tour. But on this website we have gathered some of best cards within a broad money range. You maybe won’t focus alone on the top cards, but also on the popular cards, alternative suggestions, weird alternatives, and proposals from the best in the world tour.

Do you want to play competitive low budget or casual

World class level is an expensive affair. Playing casual can be a little too casual and you maybe want to increase your winrate. A low budget deck is attractive, but it can get way too low-priced and you will miss good cards in the middle-range and top-range. You need to choose a level that is suitable to your needs and budget level.

Try these alternative commander cards to Riku of Two Reflections

Magic the Gathering is a strategic – particularly when playing Singleton. Also if you have the best suited commander for your deck. You might want to swich it from time to time to enhance your playing experience.