The Top Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant Commander deck

Which strategy type should you choose for Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant

Before you practice, you should learn. Learn the mid games and you get a skillful advance. Do you like control, combo out or do you want to rush the game with a fast paced creature pressure, which will make your enemy to give up Harmonize your deck out and place your game in mid range. The sweet zone between control decks & combo decks are the winner of EDH commander. When that’s said there are also other great strategies in other dimension, like allroundability which is very impactfull when not playing 1-on-1. Whenyou are making a Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant deck, you need to depend on 1 synergy. That does not mean that you can’t have side themes. But watch out not to diffuse your primary synergy. Sub strategies can in best case work isolated, but also as support for your primary strategy. This will take time to learn.

Here are the stax for Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant, that you don’t wanna miss

For all colour, there are some cards, which are so good, that all Commanderdecks should have these cards – regardless which commander you are playing with. Traditionally green has ramp, blue has counterspells, card draw or bounce. Red has some useful combo cards and black got tutors. Lastly white has mass removal and tokens. This was only to mention a few of them. You will also need some of the good artifacts, like Lightning greaves. If you constantly choose those cards – all your magic decks will be similar and get very monotonous. So unless you’re playing only to win – you should mix your game up occasionally and try other cards. When considering cards you should off course concentrate on CMC. Your manavurce I EDH, is not important as in modern or legacy, but you need to have early control or protection. If you do not consider synergy to your commander, you should focus on 2 angles, when selecting cards. 1. The topmost outcome and 2. the minimum outcome.

1. Some cards has high effect potential, like remove all creatures and withdraw a card for each creature that left the battlefield this way. Other cards like a single spot removal has a obvious small maximum effect.

2. Then there is the undermost effect. A board clearence has a minimum effect of 0 – because there might not be any creatures on the battlefield when the spell is being cast. Other cards for example spot removal are more unrisky to play and works instantly, which raises the minimum effect. Aim for a card, that works both directions if you can. It is good tactic to have a diverce blend of cards with both assets, but even better to have cards, that works in both ways in some degrees.

How strongly should you go for a combo synergy

It’s fun to win. But the winning feeling will be replaced with sourness, if your competitors disgust your win. Some combokills are more symphatic than others. Here are some tips about which combokills to skip out on:

• Stop using two card infinite combos, which creates instant win.

• Avoid making mass land removal – unless you’re able to kill within 3-4 turns.

• Avoid overfocusing on the same supercombo – it’s humdrum

• Don’t use a ton of tutor cards to search for the same combo cards game after game

• Avoid using mass draw, card search and board control which causes a long and slowly win.

No one appreciate to wait for slow turns. Nevertheless you have tomust choose how competitive you want to play. There’s a short distance between casual and competitive magic. Individual play groups are often more less competitive. Organized play groups are in more competitive. Finally the elite tournaments, arranged by companies or magic webshops, are the most competitive, where the level of fun is lacking.

Top ramp cards for Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant

Mana ramp is important when playing aggressive and also when preperating for X-cards. If you do not get a land acceleration card within the first 4 turns, you are losing strength to your competants – especially if you are not starting. You shall mix land acceleration cards ranging from cmc2 – CMC-four. The best mana ramp cards can fetch for all land cards and get them into the battlefield tapped or untapped. This will force the manacurve and let you play bigger cards earlier. Lands put directly into the battlefield is much more safe way of ramping, instead of using mana rocks or similar mana utilities – thus that lands are more difficult to kill. If you are using green it’s easy to get great ramp cards. If you are not playing green, you need to look at non green cards.

Which magic cards does the top deck builders suggests

When you look at the decks from WOFTC tour you will see that commander is not a used playing format in the 24K tour. But on this website we have collected all the most winning magic cards within a broad money range. You might won’t focus alone on the best cards, but also on the funny cards, creative suggestions, funky alternatives, and suggestions from the best players in the entire world.

Do you wanna play to win low budget or casual

World class level is a pricy affair. Casual gaming can be a too fun and you maybe want to enhance your winrate. A cheap deck is nice, but it can become too cheap and you miss good cards in the middle-range and top-range. You need to find a level that is suitable to your wish and budget.

Other alternative cards to Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant

Magic the Gathering is a popular card game – particularly when playing Singleton. Even though you got the optimal general for your deck. You might wanna swich it once in a while to boost your gameplay.